On My Mind: The Fed’s Final Frontier—Negative Rates or Yield Curve Control?

What's next for policymakers on supporting the economy? Dr. Sonal Desai offers her take.

The New Emerging Market Landscape: The Single Commodity Focus Has Shifted

As emerging markets cope with the COVID-19 epidemic, Franklin Templeton’s Emerging Markets Equity team considers three new realities they see in the emerging markets today.

Impact Investing In Action: Private Real Estate

Our annual impact report on social infrastructure covers how our private real estate team approaches impact investing.

Are there realistic alternatives to stocks?

No smooth path? Our Allocation Views focus on the macroeconomic backdrop and whether bonds should play a larger role considering the risks in recovery.

Quick thoughts: Value vs. growth? Yes, both

Stephen Dover, Head of Equities, on why value and growth investing are not different strategies.

Disease and Debt Now…Dispersion Later?

Navigating an Uncharted Deficit Future.

Biotechnology Innovation During COVID-19

Innovation has always been a key driver for the biotechnology industry, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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